It has a special 911 emergency phone number
By Vishnu Beniwal

The United States provides fire rescue and assistance from the police and hospitals during emergency situations. It has a special 911 emergency phone number. In case of emergency like any serious medical problem

, fire, life threatening situation, crime in progress, by dialing 911 you can get quick and immediate fire rescue and assistance from the police department or ambulance or medical service in all parts of the United States.

If there is serious medical problems such as chest pain, heart attack, seizure, bleeding, serious wounds which can be life threatening, you can dial 911 for an immediate medical assistance or for an ambulance. All types of fire incident, minor or major include in emergency and you can dial the number 911 for help and rescue.

You should also dial 911 for informing the police in case of any crime that is in progress whether that is life threatening or not. If there is any life threatening situation like fights, person with weapons, gas leaks, etc. you should dial the number for immediate help.

In non emergency situation, you should not dial 911. Non emergency incidents can be minor complaints, verbal arguments between two persons, intoxicated persons who are not disorderly, cars blocking the street or driveway, non injury auto accidents, etc. In such situation, dial 813 231 6130 for police non emergency assistance. If you dial non emergency number, there may not be quick and immediate assistance from the police or from the concerned authorities.

If you dial 911 by mistake, do not hang up the phone. Stay on the phone and explain to the dispatcher that you dialed it by mistake and that you do not have an emergency situation. If you hang up, police will be sent to the caller is address taking it as an emergency call. So be careful while dialing the emergency number 911.

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