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If You Don't Know Your Rights, You Don't Have Any...

Have you ever noticed that the insurance company will provide you with a discount on your premium if you put 2 or more vehicles on the same policy? Well, it's not because they want to be nice! Let's face it, insurance companies are in business because they make money. And whenever they can, they'll rip you off the very first moment they get. Don't be fooled by the nice insurance adjuster and don't let the cordial approach from them lessen your rights. These people are trained professionals. So, why the discount?

In the State of Georgia, the law requires insurance companies to allow you, the carrier, to do what is called "stacking" policies. What does this mean? If you have 2 or more vehicles, it's strongly suggested to place them on separate policies. Yes, you will not receive the discount, but now it's time to compare and contrast the discount vs. what you will now receive. Let's say you have a policy with limits of $50k and $100k. If you have 2 vehicles in the same residence (yes, residence- you don't even have to own the other vehicle) then you are allowed to "stack" these policies in the event of an accident; which now means you have $100,000 & $200,000 (taking the original $50,000 and $100,000 and "stacking" them together). Imagine your policy limits if there are 3 or 4 vehicles at the same residence? Will an insurance company tell you this? Of course not.

Another brief example of how you can eliminate disaster with your insurance provider is asking for higher limits. Did you know that the term "fully covered" is nothing less than saying you have the minimum required by law? It's true. Do NOT accept "fully covered" as safe justice!

In fact, the minimum required by law, for example, for Med Pay on your policy is $2,000. We have clients that have raised their Med Pay from $2,000 to $50,000 for as little as $16/year!!! Why? Insurance companies will not tell you this. But we know this as it's our profession.

If you believe your insurance may be hampered by not knowing your rights, even if you do not have a case with us, we welcome you to fax your declarations page to us at 770-360-9933.

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