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A sports car travells 20km at an average speed of 48km an hour and later for a further 15 minutes at an average speed?
a car travells 20km at an average speed of 48km an hour and next for a further 15 minutes t an average speed of 40km an hour.Calculate the speed for his entire journey

A spur-of-the-moment press?
what does it say on the bottom where the sticker is kinda covering it--except...

A Stranger took a picture of me and my license plate ??
When I was going to the grocery stor this female pulled her car up and took a picture of me and my license plate and my vehicle And NO I didn't get her plates .please detail me what this could mean

A tire rotation, or two?
what is really the deal near tire rotation? i know why it is done, so that they wear evenly, but when should the tires on your car be rotated? and at what mileage? i be told once that it is unsafe to have them rotated more...

A well-mannered on rank deterrent driving class...?
Does anyone know a good on-line caring driving course...FOR THE STATE of TEXAS. I got a speeding ticket and I requirement to take a class to dismiss the ticket. I don't want to sit within class for 5-7 hours!!

About "traffipatrol"?
1-is "traffipatrol" a laser gun or a radar gun. 2-this question is more big.which detector in the shops can detect it

About driving?
35. When you come to a corner where in that is a stop sign, you should first stop: A. Far enough support to see cross traffic B. On the crosswalk or stop line C. Behind the crosswalk or stop string D. 15 ft behind the crosswalk

About driving?
When backing up your vehicle, you should _______. A. use both side prospect mirrors B. look over your right shoulder through the rear pane and back up slowly C. look over your vanished shoulder through the rear windowpane and back up slowly D. put a bet...

About my brakes, I dont meditate I explained right ,,SORRY?
I am the lady who have the problem with my brakes..heres what they do ..when I put the brake on for a complete stop I startby applying a slow brake,as i push down to stop the vehicle...........SKIDS,JUMPS,GRINDS,FEELS LIKE THE BRAKES IS LOCKING after it does all...

About the stolen truck & trailer. They have deposit riding around on the premises. And saw someone driving .
away with my work truck. They busted the driver side pane just to return with into the truck. This is why I'm wondering if I have a shield or not.

Which are better ....I live were it snows if that make a difference .

Accepable California Speed Limit?
This is for California residents. In the California driver handbook it clearly make a distinction between the three lanes of a freeway, disappeared is the fastest one. Does that mean the speed confine is different for each one? The speed demarcate says 65 so my request for...

Accident beside learner voucher?
No, this isn't a "crashed into another vehicle" accident. I hit the tree surrounded by my driveway by accident while finance up. Will my learner's permit be revoked?

Accident Experts?
so last hours of darkness while i was on my means of access to a movie i was subsequent to a SUV about to bring on the freeway. We both went at matching time it was to my not here and as we were going...

Accident involving Teen near class CP Permit surrounded by Georgia I be involve within an quirk w/ a teen who be driving
between the ages of 14-16 the driver was 15, they hit the passenger side my sister be driving she's 22, I was on the passenger side w/ my little sister who is 7 surrounded by the back passenger side. When the disaster happen it be during...

Accidentally hit my boyfriends vehicle, what should I do?
Today when I was disappearing my boyfriends house, I accidentally hit his car. I be reversing into the street when leaving the driveway when I hear a crunching noise. When I looked closely I saw it be my boyfriends car. It be nightime and my back...

I was wondering what all along time is to report an accident and gain damage repaired is within calgary alberta? i also heard that if you return with in an catastrophe you do not need to exchange inssurance information unless the disrupt is more than $1000...

According to UK Law, how masses passenger can I take surrounded by my coupé?
The car have two front seat belts and three backside seatbelts so one would assume that I can carry four passenger, however I'd rather not be within a position where I attain stopped for the car individual over-loaded or breaking a law. Thanks folks!

Adults and teens?
Does anyone know how many teens procure in vehicle crashes and how many grown get contained by car crashs

Adults that speed drive?
Today me and my mom drove me to the grocery store and as my mom took a turn being cautious and slowing down becuase an old woman be crossing and i car behing us honked at us and took the subsequent lane beside us gave...

Advice for driving a coupé?
i'm 14 right now and my birthday is coming up contained by December. i went to a local parking lot near my older sister and practiced driving around. Parking is as rugged as crap! i can't seem to get hold of the car straight,...

Advice please?
I am 25 years old and own not driven a car for 4 years, I really want to bring back back doing a tour but an quite worried. Although I passed my theory and practical first time, i never really get back into a coupé after...

is it true that when your invove in a minor sports car accident that you can one and only report within 48 hours to the police?

After a saloon crash wat am I to do?
my dad flipped his truck and I broke my foot wat am I to do after I get out

After the crash?
what happens after you crash into someone and you go and get the police report a few days later? is near anything i should be doing or worrying about??

Age of driving should be 18?
give 3 to 5 reason why the driving age

should be raised to 18.. or why it should still be 16....

Aggressive driver?...?
as I was driving to work today, I made a right turn on red (it's permitted in New Jersey). at this time a guy surrounded by a hurry approached me from behind and kept honking as if I have cut him off. At the subsequent traffic light...

Agilon AL-2000V8 saloon alarm electrical system diagram.?
Have been on manufacturer website,no,joy.Have Emailed businesswoman twice,first reply negative second approaching.Have searched usermanualsite they do not register this type.They are based contained by China. I bought it from a friend who claimed he would find the instructions....last week ! That will coach me.

Airbag deployment?
i would like to know at what speed on impact will the drivers nouns bag deploy on a Kia Sorento

Airbag function/malfunction?
should front driver and/or passenger airbags deploy upon side impact??.. severe impact i might add.. I know if they have, a very serious injury could enjoy been avoided.. the saloon is,well be, a 98 stratus. in crust that might happen to receive a difference.. Thank...

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